Photographs of Jacques Olivar are currently exhibited at the Museum of Fashion in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art in Tokio, the REINA SOFIA Museum in Madrid and the Museum of Advertising in Paris.

2018 Solo exhibition “Another day in Paradise”. Photo House Gallery. Brussels - From April 26 to September 16 - 2018
2018 Exhibition “Italiana” Palazzo Reale, Milano - From February 22 to June 6 - 2018.
2018 Solo exhibition “Just like a woman”. Catherine Niederhauser, Lausanne - From Marsh 18 to April 14 - 2018
2017 Solo exhibition “Another day in Paradise”. Artcube Gallery Paris. From November 2 to December 19 - 2017
2015 Galerie Quai 26. Lille, France. Exhibition “Just like a woman” from April 4 to June 6, 2015
2015 Personal exhibition “Forever Young” at Catherine Niederhauser Gallery. Lausanne, Switzerland, from March 21 to April 25, 2015
2014 Personal exhibition “Forever Young” at BG Café. Genève, Switzerland. Organised by Bongenie Grieder & Galartis, from September 27, 2014 to January 10, 2015
2013 Personal exhibition at the Galartis Gallery Lausanne- Switzerland. October 10 - November 23, 2013
2011 Personal exhibition "Forever young" at the Young Gallery in Brussels. October 14 - December 3, 2011
2008 The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City - The Curated Object - Courtesy of Giorgio Armani
2008 "Fashion and Fantasy" May 7 - September 1, 2008
2006 MAXXI Museum (XXI Century Art Museum of Roma). Roma
2005 Christie's Charity Auction. Paris
2004 Personal exhibition at the International Meeting of Fashion Photography. Cannes
2003 Exhibition as Special Guest at the International Meeting of Fashion Photography. Cannes
2001 Gugenheim Museum Bilbao "Giorgio Armani Exhibition"
2000 Theater of the Italian creativity "Giorgio Armani Exhibition" Gugenheim Museum New York
1998 Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, sponsored by "H2O Company". Tokyo
1998 "H2O Company" exhibition. Osaka
1997 "Mode and Models" exhibition sponsored by International Photography Festival. Tokyo
1996 "Moda e Gioeilli" Exhibition and Charity Auction. Sponsored by Bulgari. Milano
1995 Sotheby's Photographic Auction. London
1994 Sotheby's "A positive view", Gala Charity Auction sponsored by British Vogue. London
1994 Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery. London
1993 "Images Gitanes", 24th International Meeting of Photography. Arles
1992 Louvre's Caroussel exhibition of nomenees fotographers. Paris
1992 Nomenee at the International Festival of Fashion Photography. Monaco
1991 International Festival of Fashion Photography. Barcelona
1990 Hotel Drouot's Auction "La femme et l'élégance". Paris
1990 International Festival of Fashion Photography. Budapest
1989 Christie's Gala Charity Auction of Contemporary Photographers. London
1986 Beaubourg Museum in Paris, exhibition of the most awarded campaings of the decade. "Dim", "Loï's Jeans"
1986 "Clarins cosmetics", "Phas cosmetics", "Vittel", "Dunlopillo" ads & tv commercials. Paris